Friday, November 09, 2007

Memory: the Hubs

I heard this song the other day in one of our many car trips this week. It reminded me of this memory:

I was in college in Michigan while the Hubs-to-be was in art school in Cincinnati. I had heard this amazing song by Steven Curtis Chapman and felt it absolutely needed to be shared. Now these were the days before you could send songs via email, online, etc. In fact, I remember going in the basement computer room of our dorm and just giggling at how crazy it was to get an instant response to a message sent from my long-distance Hubs-to-be.
So I dialed up the Hubs-to-be in a rare phone call (we tried to keep it to once a week for phone bill reasons...sigh). I told him that he NEEDED to hear this song, and that it was the most beautiful love song I'd ever heard. I might have even mentioned that it would great to play at a (our?!) wedding some day. Then I started the CD on my roommate's boom box and sat back. I held the phone close to the speaker so he could hear the same beautiful music that set images of our future going in my head. The tears flowed as I heard the words, "..You can cry on my shoulder, when the mirror tells us we're older.." as I pictured us as old folks wrapped in blankets viewing our family album full of children and grandchildren, memories and places we've been.
Soon, the song ended and I returned the phone to my ear, sniffling a bit I managed to say, "Isn't that the greatest song you've ever heard?"

"Umm...I really couldn't hear it for some reason, but I couldn't get your attention while the song was going on. "

Sniffling stops.

"Oh but honey, I DO know that song and YES it has great lyrics and I REALLY like it too!" the Hubs-to-be quickly recovered.

I look back at this memory as a time when I ached for the gentle arms of my future husband across the miles. I am so grateful that the Lord saw fit to bring us back together after times of long-distance phone calls and weekend visits. So now I just wait until he comes home to play him a song that holds meaning for me. Thank you, Lord.


emilymcd said...

hahha... This is such a great moment, Kris. I love how Carey recovered. This had me LOL.

trevsmom said...

Kris, it is a great song! We had that song at our wedding. It is a fav of ours too. I had to giggle over the holdin the phone up to the CD player. Oh, how technology has changed. Wait wait a minute did we just age ourselves, yes yes we did! ;-)