Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Just a couple:

Josh is learning Spanish and school and his Spanish teacher, Senora Leo, gave us a CD for listening and practicing. Our current favorite is the Color song. It's set to the tune of Three Blind Mice.

Ellie: (singing along) White is bwonco, white is bwonco...learning all colors is fun, colors are everyone, like to sing let you know...white is bwonco.
(FYI- white is actually blanco. hehe)

In another rousing attempt to lure me into a game of "house", Ellie said I could be the sister but she would have to be "da mom." (as always) This time I asked why?

Ellie: I da mom because I have the bracewet, the neckwis and the baby and the bottle.

Well, I asked, didn't I.

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emilymcd said...

hahah... the neckwis... I love how your daughter talks. What a hoot. Better get yourself a bwacewet so you can be a full fledged Momma.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Guess most days I am not the mom...darn jewlery rule!