Friday, October 10, 2008

Flash Forward

Apparently, this is the Hubs and me about 30 years from now.
(At least, according to the card I got from my darling man for my birthday).

I love this card because it hits the nail on the head, or, at least the back of someone's head.
Here's why:

One: We do like to have fun around here.

Two: I do own a garden hose and ain't afraid to use it.

Three: Although most of his written words stay hidden in my heart, the Hubs' words of encouragement about finding the fun in the daily craziness ring so true. He is my encourager, my sounding post, and my best friend.

Thanks, dear, for the giggle. I love you.

1 comment:

Dave and Jenni said...

LOVE that card - it definitely made me giggle. Oh and the roses are beautiful! Way to go Hubs!