Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Survey

Hey, here I am back at the blog!

My good friend, Emily, has helped me with an idea for today...a Halloween survey! Here's goes:

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
The only costume I remember is the only one we have a picture of in the family album. I was Wonder Woman. I'm pretty sure my mom never let us be something like a current character (not all bad), so being able to buy a costume and wear it was pretty special. Now I don't exactly enjoy putting my kids in the character costumes either. I like the idea of a creative costume or something "timeless.'

2. Least favorite?
Can't remember anything but Wonder Woman. Mom?? Do you remember?

3. Favorite candy?
Ooo. This is a tough one. I heart Milky Way, Kit Kat and those little pumpkins that taste like candy corn.

4. Favorite fall treat that you baked?
I could say that I make these items, but my friends and family know better: Pumpkin bread, another raisin-type bread called "strocook" that my mom makes (I think it's a dutch thing) and all things that have to do with apples and caramel.

5. What age do you think one should stop trick-or-treating?
This is a tough one, because once the boys hit middle school is all blood and guts costumes and I'm pretty sure I've had kids who show up at the door dressed up as middle schoolers. So my vote is middle school.

6. What is the lamest treat you received?
Yep, I'm with Em. Pennies? Seriously?

7. Any other traditions on Oct.31?
Since we've had kids we've tried to get them involved in the evening by passing out candy and trying to go around the block with a group of family or friends. This year it's off to grandma & grandpa's house. Pretty sure that grandpa will have them halfway across the state beggin' for candy. When we were kids I do remember bobbing for apples, too. My dad would always wear the same old green army coat (because it is always cold and yucky on the big day around here), and have us running from house to house. One hard and fast rule was to say the 'trick or treat' mantra and end with a big thank you. A couple of years ago we had an adult Halloween party that was a total blast (at least I thought so!). We haven't returned to that tradition yet, but I'd love to see my friends in costume again!

8. What costumes will be present in your family this fall?
Josh...a magician (cape=6$, hat=in the basement, bunny to pull from the hat=in his room)
Ellie...snow fairy (outfit+wings=3$ at the resale shop)
Owen...a lion (outfit=0$, old one of Josh's)
A cheap Halloween...priceless!

9. Favorite Halloween or fall movie?
I love the Charlie Brown specials. I am NOT a fan of any scary movies. I have a very active imagination and those movies stick with me.

10. Any funny Halloween stories?
I loved last year's costumes and the excitement it brought to the house. Plus, this chili pepper makes me laugh.


emilymcd said...

The chili pepper... awww.. totally!

Gotta try that bread of your momma's. Yummers.

Your costume with Carey was AWESOME at that party. Y'all throw a great shindig!

Good job on the Halloween budgeting. Awesome, girl! I love saving bucks.

Dave and Jenni said...

Hi Kris - I know I've totally been MIA lately. But I've saved all yours and I am reading them now. Anyway, I'm so glad you did this too. I'm with you on inexpensive costumes! I spent a grand total of $7 this year on a new costume for Ruthie. Everyone else is wearing hand-me-downs. It will be a dark day when they realize that hand-me-downs are not The Most Exciting Costume Ever! LOL.