Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fun

I love words. It kinda comes with the territory of being a teacher, I guess. So when two of my sisters-in-law put up some cute new sayings in their homes...I was hooked.

I'm pretty sure I could put up one saying in every room of my house, they are so darn cute. Maybe a little overkill? Nah. Who couldn't use a little writing on the wall nowadays?

They're the latest thing (or at least I'm finally clueing into this trend)...wall stickers. They remove easily so if you outgrow your saying, no damage done. I found so many websites selling premade quotes, designs, even whole wall murals. In the end, I supported my local Hobb.y Lobb.y and bought the alphabet pack to put this saying together myself. I had to improvise a bit, because I ran out of the letter "r." (Thank goodness that the "n" and a "u" could be fudged a bit to provide worthy substitutes.) I was even able to change a couple of lowercase letter "t's" into side swirlies. (that's the technical term, ya'll)

I haven't done many house decorating improvements in a long time, so this one felt really good. I love how little things like this can really make a house a home.

What's next? What would you do?


emilymcd said...

You did it! I can see how it works now! You crazy, girl. You make me laugh. TOTALLY matches your personality! Love it!

Buckeyemama said...

That's awesome. I just did one in my bedroom, over our bed. It says, "ALWAYS, kiss me goodnight!" The Always is in big gold letters and the kiss me goodnight is in black script. It's so fun to do. It really is addicting. Might have to hit my laundry room next and copy your idea!

Sittintall said...

I love it! Very chic.

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh that's awesome - I love the saying you chose. Very funny!