Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Get Physical!

In recognition for a decade of service to my school district, I received a gift card to an online store. It offered a variety of gifts and ideas. After much scrutiny I landed on the big pink exercise ball. I had wanted one for a while, plus the purchase would also bring a donation to the breas.t cancer research, so I went for it.

Let's just say that I haven't exactly been able to get it away from these little munchkins long enough to see what it can do. Oh well, I'm sure I'm burning enough calories laughing at each one of them bouncing off the ball, over the ball and occasionally, under the ball.


Buckeyemama said...

Oh, just you wait. I have one of those that the kids use in the jumpy house for a giant game of dodgeball. Thanksgiving should be a hoot watching that happen!

trevsmom said...

OH my goodness, Josh looks so grown up. It makes me sooo sad that it has been so long since we saw him last. What a great smile on him and little Owen has changed a ton too. Ellie of course, is her darling little self! ;-)

Dave and Jenni said...

Cool purchase. So have you gotten to use it yet? I think my kids use my treadmill more than I do...they use it as a road for their Little People/doll house cars. Yikes.