Wednesday, September 12, 2007

His Presence

Life is busy. I've thought of so many events and happenings that I could write about lately, but just haven't had the time...Josh's first soccer game, Ellie and Owen's days at the sitter, running to and from schools, family fun at restaurants, airports, zoos, and at home. All of these things, and more, are certainly fodder for many a giggle or guffaw. They happen quickly, some of these moments, so fast that if you don't try hard, they will quickly leave the short term memory and straight out of your head. Some others stick with you, but they all add up. Lately, all these moments have made for some stressful times and downtrodden days.

But then it happened.

I have been praying fairly earnestly to God for some relief. I knew that the actual daily events can't go away because we all need to get to school, the sitter, the store, or back home again. The dishes, laundry and other obligations will still be there, no magic wand here. But I felt like there was something that had to be done. I actually thought of getting down on my knees one night because I was so in need of His presence. Instead, I prayed earnestly and with focus. The kids were in bed and the Hubs was off playing softball, so I had the time and the opportunity. He answered. Not in the way I thought, but He did.

It began with small things. Like when I went to drop Josh off at his before-school care class (which normally is cause for dismay), he happily bopped into the classroom, plunked down his backpack and reached for a kiss, smiled and sent me on my way. Another time, it was a smooth transition from home to school on a day I needed to be on time. In other ways I seen His answer in additional and loving help from the Hubs...he's taken over breakfast prep while I nurse Owen before we all head out the door. Sometimes, it just the song that comes on the radio on our many trips in the van. But the most significant difference is a change in me. He changed my heart. He gave me something I needed desperately...peace.

I wish that I could quote a verse from the Bible here, or wax poetic on some bit of religious thought, but that is not something I can do, because it wasn't anything I read, heard, thought, or created. It was HIM. His presence. I am in awe of it and I want to always be in it. It is something I need. Not only because it has given me the chance to relax and enjoy our days of busyness, but because it is how I can be close to Him, right now, in this crazy stage of life.

I recently heard someone say, "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." Being busy is just part of this stage of our lives. I've heard so many times about how families look back at these "young family" years and laugh at the craziness and how quickly it has flown by. I know the busyness will not go away, but if I am in His presence, His peace will make these days blessed ones.


Sittintall said...

What an awesome post, Kris. How true it is that having peace makes busyness more attainable. Thankful that you felt his presence.

andrea said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you've found a bit of peace to befriend you when you needed it most. He provides!

emilymcd said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kris. Amen, sister.

Laughing... when I re-returned as a stay-at-homie, I thought that I would have more time to do laundry, etc. I do have more time, but its still QUITE busy around our home.

I'm on this journey with you, sister. Learning to open my eyes to see the varying ways that God provides for us.

Short Stop said...

Great post!! Oh, this just rings so true in my life, too! Allowing God to just BE guide our steps...such an important thing to remember! :)

Thanks for your openness and honesty!