Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joining in on the game

Ok, I should be blogging about so many other things, but there's a game I just gotta play... Thanks to Sarah and Emily for getting it going!

ACCENT- None that I can tell. Every now and then I like to whip out a "y'all" or "momma" with a southern attitude attached, but I'm pretty sure people just think I'm from Crazyland, not from the South.

I DON'T DRINK - Vodka. Bad experience. Broken toe. Enough said.

CHORE I HATE - Oh, let me count them....My least favorite is actually washing dishes. So if you ever see me doing dishes in a sink, I'm either trying to get out of doing something else or I'm ill.

PETS - We used to have a dog, Abby. No lie, she was the BEST dog ever. She had really bad ear infections (very common in Labs) that continued to get worse. We had to put her to sleep in March of 2006. It was a sad day for all of us and if I think about it, I still cry. She was our first "baby" and the sweetest dog, too.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - My Mac at home. (oops sorry Hubs, did I call it MY Mac??). I also adore my cell phone, a cute pink think I got for a Mother's day gift. I also have relied heavily on this monitor that is in Owen's bed. We borrowed it from a friend when we figured out he was a tummy sleeper. It monitors the baby's movements, and if there is no movements (ie. breathing) after 20 seconds, it sounds the alarm. This was ESSENTIAL for my peace of mind as we began to put him on his belly at night.

PERFUME - None. I wish I could but I just haven't found one that I liked and felt wasn't overpowering. I come with my own fragrance I guess. (eww???)

GOLD OR SILVER - Silver. My wedding ring is the only gold thing I own that I like.

INSOMNIA - Not usually, but recently I've been waking up at 5 am or so and finding small amounts of sleep until it's time to get up. (ps. thank you to Owen, who is sleeping peacefully through the night!)

JOB TITLE - Mom, wife, second grade teacher...the list goes on but these are the biggies.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - Openness & Gentle honesty. I am always impressed when others tell the truth, especially when it means that someone (including myself) may not like to hear it. I am not a big fan of those who say something just to make you feel better, or think that is what you want to hear. I also admire those who share things openly. I'm not a fan of those (including when I do this myself) who wear a mask or say things are "fine" when they are not.

KIDS - 3 Kids, Josh, 5...Ellie, 3....Owen, 5 months.

RELIGION - Christian, adoring a Lord who knows my heart and still loves me

SIBLINGS - 3 brothers! Dan, Tim and Mark

TIME I WAKE UP - Usually around 6:15am to get ready before the kids get up. On my off days, I try for 6:45!

VEGETABLE I HATE - Oh, let me count them...Actually, I like way more veggies than I ever did, thanks to my in-laws. So the standouts are: any kind of beans (those are veggies, right?), artichokes and asparagus.

WORST HABIT - I can talk too much. Sometimes without even knowing it. I can't even move into a circle of friends without occasionally taking over the conversation. I've tried to make this a goal. I need to be a better listener.

MY FAVORITE MEAL - The easy answer is pizza. GOOD pizza, like Giordano's, Connie's or Rosati's. The breakfast one would have to be french toast (thick slices). But a good PB & J made with my mom's jelly is a great one for lunch. There are many "fancy" meals I really love, but I guess I'm just one for the easy meals!!


Short Stop said...

This was fun to read, K! Great to get to know more about you!! :)

andrea said...

Good thing you are a great person to listen to! If you weren't interesting, I'd call talking a lot a bad habit, but you are one of the funniest, authentic-est, open people to chat with--I miss hanging out at book club & such with you!

emilymcd said...

hahah. Vodka= Broken toe. Sorry, Kris... now you HAVE to fill me in.