Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Hobbyist

**Note to readers: I LOVE my husband. And I have gotten permission to write this blog.**

My darling Hubs is a hobbyist. This is something I didn't exactly know about him until a few years into our marriage. He has always been into "stuff" and loves trying new things. Let it be know that these are some of his best character traits. The Hubs is always encouraging new family outings and helping us break out of our routine with something new. For this...I love him dearly.

Problem comes in when all of these new activities hit the pocketbook. It actually began with small things like a football ("what if I want to toss it around with your brothers?"...*note the appeal to my love for family bonding*), tennis rackets for both of us ("now we can play together!"), or a video game system ("they have games that girls like, too!"). Then he jumped up a notch or two with the urgent need to purchase...a Jeep. (ok, more than a few notches). This was a hobby purchase because soon we were on Jeep trips to the dunes, off-roading one of the cars that got us to work each day, and filling it with a sound system to rock out on when the sun was shining and the wind was blowing through our hair. The only way that one got traded in for a more sensible choice was with the promise that someday he will own one again.

Since then it's been various sports like softball (bats, gloves, shoes), biking, fishing, and landscaping. (If you don't think landscaping is a sport, try digging a hole for a 6-7 foot tree...not to mention there seems to be a competitive thing about it among male neighbors.)

So when he told me he wanted to take up running, I about peed with excitement. I began to think this one through. This could be the only sport that requires no purchases, equipment or other paraphernalia. All you need are legs. You don't even need to go anywhere special for this. I thought this was his best idea yet. I fully endorsed the idea with a slap on his rear as he headed out for his first run. (ok, maybe that is a bit of a fib, he runs at the crack of dawn). He researched a plan to take him from couch potato (which he's not) to 5K in 6 weeks. I applauded him for his enthusiasm and was so pleased that he had finally found a hobby that wasn't going to cost us a penny.

I was wrong.

It began with the watch. This is a special watch that beeps intermittently to let him know to change from his running pace to a walking pace as he increases his endurance during the journey to his 5K goal. Then there were new clothes. Ones that are meant to wick away the sweat, and keep you cool or warm, all the while sporting a nice spot to secure your IPod. New shorts. A visit to the shoe store. Talks of joining actual 5K runs that have entrance fees.

Running IS NOT a cheap sport. I was amazed. Either our society has found a way to capitalize on every sport possible, or my husband is a cunning individual set on owning every piece of sport equipment and/or hobby paraphernalia known to modern man.

I think he wants to try rock climbing next. That can't be too expensive, right? I'm mean rocks don't cost a thing, and they're everywhere...right??


Sittintall said...

LOL! Funny how something you think shouldn't cost anything can get quite expensive. Good for him though for starting running. I thought I would follow in his footsteps after hearing that he's started, when the arch in my foot went out after my first run. Guess, I needed to invest in those good shoes!

emilymcd said...

Oh man. That is hilarious. This one had me smiling a goofy grin through the whole piece.

He's not alone, friend.

Ask Dan about the rock climbing equipment I bought him for his birthday 7 years ago. Brand new. Never used.

Speaking of which, tell Carey that he can borrow Dan's rock climbing equipment. Maybe Dan will renew his interest.

Short Stop said...

LOL! I was smiling through this entire post, too!

This is just hilarious. You're such a supportive wife...and yes, suggest he borrow Dan's equipment for the rock climbing! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh Kris...I had to say something on this one because my husband is SO THIS WAY! For us, it is all about bike purchases. Then it was the treadmill that HAD to be a few "grades" above the basic one so he could run on it. Then it was bonsai trees?? ha ha! Gotta love it!