Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Triple Play

This is the year of Christmas extended. We celebrated Christmas with my family two weeks ago. We had our little family Christmas on Christmas Day, and now we are gathering at my sister-in-law's for our final hurrah of the season. It's been one of the most relaxed and wonderful family times we've had recently! I look forward to posting pictures of paper-tearing, food-stuffing, and snow-playing when we get home next week.

One thing that I have been thinking about is blessings. We have SO many. And I often forget that. My four favorites are the ones that make my Party of Five lively and lovely. Others are extended family, a wonderful home, jobs that pay the bills but also fulfill that urge to get out of the house! The one blessing that makes my whole world different is my Savior. He came as a baby. He left Heaven's comfortable place to come here. For me. And then He stayed until His work was done and left us to complete it by letting everyone know about His amazing gift.

At our Christmas Eve service the children's message focused on the gifts of Christmas. The kids shared about the trees decorating their homes and what presents they had opened already. Then they talked about what an amazing gift God gave us with the birth of Christ on Earth. The leader asked who's birthday we celebrate at Christmas. They sang out, "JESUS!" Then he asked, "Oh, so did you put a gift under the tree for Jesus?" Silence. Of course, then the leader talked about how we don't need a gift under the tree for Jesus, but that our gift to Him is our heart, our love, and life for His service. It was such a great reminder of the greatest gifts at Christmas time.

So as we open the last of our Christmas gifts this weekend, I hope that I can once again be reminded and pass this important truth onto our children. HE came, HE loved, He died, HE rose again, so that WE can tell, love, and be with Him forever.

Merry Christmas, Friends!

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Short Stop said...

Isn't it amazing how Christmas takes on such new meaning with little ones? I, too, feel that same responsibility that in the midst of the fun, and presents, and cookies, that they learn that the BEST present of all came in their Savior! And that it is all about HIM! Love this post, K!