Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here's some that have been piling up over the last week:

Josh: (BIG sigh) Well, I'm not going to go fishing anymore this season.
Me: Really?
Josh: Yeah, because the water is ice and the fish would be cold.

Upon suggestion to write a card to a fellow classmate who recently had a birthday party that he was not able to attend:
Josh: No way Mom! That's too sweet!
(it was a girl, can you guess?)

Ellie: (Face glued to the back slider window)
I want to make a snow angle!

Owen's new thing to the "Let's find Mom" game. It happens every time I leave the room and he's not on my hip. So, he was in the living room with the Hubs, playing happily. I was in the kitchen making some fabulous meal out of mac n cheese. I said something to the Hubs and there was an instant response (not from the Hubs).
Owen: Eh, eh, eh!
And off he went on his search for Mom. Where do you think he headed first?
The bathroom.
My hiding spot has been revealed.

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emilymcd said...

No way! Owen knows your potty spot? On behalf of moms everywhere.... "Nooooooooooo".

I love how Josh reasons "that's too sweet".

Ellie cracks me up with her kiddo talk: "angles"... haha