Saturday, February 16, 2008

Checking in...

Dear blog,

I have neglected you as of late.  Life has taken me by the pant leg and dragged me kicking and screaming into just about every imaginable distraction.

Owen got sick.  High fever, then pink eye, then rash from fever.

The Hubs' truck got sick.  New transmission needed.  Small fortune spent.

We've been struggling with decisions about school for Josh and the kids.  Private/Christian v. Public.  Each comes with it's own positives and challenges.  The Hubs even took a day off so we could visit a few of our choices.  Some would mean moving, others would mean major financial sacrifices (more like living-on- a-prayer-and-a-dime), and still others would mean feeling like we toss our dear children into the wild world.  

It has been a rough week or so and it has caused major tension, sleepless nights and way too many tears.  I'd like to say that I was a saint and leaned on the Lord through it all, but I can't.  I had more than a few moments of questioning "what in the blazes was He trying to teach me?" But I did see His hand working through these trials.

No one else (so far) has gotten the extremely contagious pink eye. (We had told the kids to keep their distance with Owen.  When he started to feel better and was getting around again he came after Josh in a chair.  Josh literally started climbing up the chair away from him..."MOM!  Owen's going to give me a pink eye!")

The truck broke down right before last weekend.  Fewer days off of work for the Hubs, and a time when we naturally use one car anyway.  

The in-laws graciously sent us out on our own for a pre-Valentine's night out.  It was luxurious.  We walked, shopped with gift cards, and ate at a wonderful place. All. by. ourselves.  We had tons of time to talk, reminisce and just enjoy cuddling together against the cold wind of the night.  

Although we are still in process of making a decision about the school thing, God has given us key conversations, insights and information from several different perspectives and people.  He also has shown how making a decision about something this huge really does bring a couple closer together.  

So...apologies dear blog for my absence.  I hope you understand.  

And...I'll be back.


Sittintall said...

So sorry to hear about your emotional week. That school decision is certainly a hard one. My prayers are with you as you ponder your options. Hang in there, this week will be a better one!

Short Stop said...

Oh boy. The school dilemna. Right there with you! Praying for you...

I'm so glad you got a night out with C. I bet that was just what you needed...just some good time to talk sans kids, and noise, and pink eye.

Hope Owen's feeling all better!

emilymcd said...

Yeah! We've missed your blog entries. (No guilt, sister... you have the right priorities.)

And I'm sorry about your crazy week.