Thursday, February 07, 2008


Just a couple...

At lunch today:
Ellie: Mom, why you eat TWO cookies?!
Me: Because I'm a big girl.
Ellie: No you not.
Me: Oh really, than what am I? (yes, I opened that door)
Ellie: You a BIG MAMA!

(maybe one too many cookies??)

On the way back from picking up Josh at school, we had an in-depth discussion about traffic lights. Clarification was needed on the fact that one light had only arrows (red, yellow and green).
Josh: So what do you do at a yellow light?
Me: You slow down, because it's almost a red light and you'll need to stop for that.
Josh: I like the way Daddy does it better.
Me: Really? How's that?
Josh: He just keeps on going.

( need of a "Rules of the Road" refresher, dear Hubs?)


Sittintall said...

Those were good ones. Gotta love how they keep us accountable!

Dave and Jenni said...

Thanks for the Friday morning giggle! Those were great. (I suffer from the cookie thing too!)

emilymcd said...

"He just keeps going..." hahah... So they are always in record mode, aren't they?