Friday, February 22, 2008

Wicked Witch Update

Well, my dark green Wicked Witch face from yesterday is fading to more of a pale sage today. Today the deal is that if she is a "big girl" all morning, she can pick one toy or book to bring back to her room. I still worry about our new plan because this child is one of the most imaginative kiddos I know. She can entertain herself for hours with a dryer sheet and a pen cap.

Anyway, still hoping this will be at least part of the motivation that gets us to the land of only one child in diapers. (I hear it's cheaper to live there).

Plus, the Hubs is not so sure about how long he can last with a princess tent in our bedroom.

**updated to add** She was so excited to have one book for naptime today. Only bummer...a thump from upstairs drew my attention to her and I caught her exchanging the one book for another one book. She's no dummy, eh?

1 comment:

emilymcd said...

Ohhhhhh.... she is SOOOO smart. That is one clever kiddo you have.

And do we have to wonder why our brains hurt at night?