Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!

We love snow days around here. Today is also Josh's birthday, which made it just a bit more fun for us. More family time is what made today so terrific. Plus, even though the snow kept school from happening today, the "warm" temperatures and mounds of snow drew us outside as soon as we could.

We started in the back where Josh was convinced he was going to tunnel under the snow. A face full of the white cold stuff soon let him know there was more to his plan than originally believed. (yes, he tried to tunnel face-first

So with my years of experience in the snow with three brothers, and parents who sent us outside not to come back until we were frozen or it was dark (remember those days?), I felt the need to educate my little ones on the fine art of snow building. Not just an ordinary snowman was going to do it this time, my friends. We have 6-8 inches of snow here, we needed a fort.

We headed to the front yard. Josh and I began with the idea of an igloo type fort where small kiddos could tunnel inside and hide. After the quick-witted observation of Josh ("This isn't good packin' snow"), we went to Plan B. A castle type fort, open to the sky and yet, very able to hold a hiding snow kid. We had built up the pile quite well with the snow from the driveway and the sidewalk. After digging out a shallow hole in the middle, I dumped Josh in and told him to start scooping. Soon we had hollowed out a sizeable space. He dubbed it his "Snow Volcano." (note: Ellie was inside, she gave up after snow found it's cold way into her gloves. She was also on Owen patrol...monitoring if he woke up from his morning nap.)

All in all, it has been a wonderful day, with lots of quality time with the birthday boy.

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Dave and Jenni said...

Wow - what a wonderful birthday for a six year old! Looks like you all had some great quality time together!