Thursday, January 31, 2008

On it's way: A Key part of the Plan

One part of the Plan is on it's way.  This is hopefully going to be my next new favorite thing.  I'm looking forward to seeing all my control-freak ideas in one handy dandy wire-bound notebook.  

Currently my love affair with wire-bound notebooks is strikly focused on the one my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.  It's original intent was to give me a place to log the blog ideas, but has grown into the place where the Plan was born, my continuing To Do list, and the list of my purposeful parenting goals for the kids.  I adore this notebook.  It's cute, handy and cute.  I also got four adorable colored pens to use with it.  It was like Back-to-school euphoria all over again. The other day I lost it.  It had been a crazy couple of days, but because of the new Plan I knew I hadn't cleaned out the area where the notebook calls home until Friday.  I began to retrace my steps.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I kept thinking...MY PLAN IS IN THERE.  I got desperate.  I even called in reinforcements.  With Ellie and Josh on the case I was sure to find it.  After a brief possibility of the notebook being stashed in Ellie's room (totally feasible...she lost her blankie once...later it was found in the pantry was in there for a Ellie-induced timeout), I was getting a bit sad.  At that point I was sure I was going to find it in the refrigerator getting cozy with last night's leftovers.  (it wasn't, I actually checked)  So when Hubs came home I shared my stress and he (love this man) began a regional search (his words actually). 

He walked around the circle one time. 

He opened one drawer.  

And there it was.  In the "junk drawer."

After apologizing profusely to my dear notebook for accidently relegating it to the junk drawer, I could smile again.   

So, dear friends, I await the postman, who will soon bring the next installment of the Plan.  

(you don't think I've gone a bit overboard in this whole control thing, eh?)


Dave and Jenni said...

Oh my goodness - I love how you describe this. Very, very funny. I used to say that "I put the A in type A personality," but I think I may let you have that title instead! No, seriously, though, I love your plan and how organized it is. I may have to figure out one for myself (complete with cute notebooks).

emilymcd said...

Wow... you had me on the edge of my seat... the PLAN? It's a mail order thing?

Wire bound notebooks rule! I can SO relate to them. They make life seem containable.

Keep 'em coming... this is great!