Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ellie is fond of shopping.  She is such a girl.  (I love it!)  I informed her we were on our way to the store the other day and she wanted to know where...
Ellie:  Is is the one with the bench carts (Me*ijer) or the two seats(Tar*get)?
Me:  The bench carts.
(Ah...she defines her shopping trips by the carts she gets to ride in.  Me?  I define them by how much I spend.  Me*ijer=spending too much, Tar*get=spending way too much.)

Looking out the back slider door...
Me:  Oh look, Elle, the bunny is still hiding under the playset's slide.
Ellie:  Yep, he having a sleepover under there.

Josh and I were thinking of our favorite things to do with each one of the people in our family. Here's his list:  Ellie: wrestle, Owen: wrestle, Daddy: wrestle, Mommy: "loves" (cuddles on the couch).  I guess mom isn't getting down on the floor for a little WWF!

In the same conversation Josh asked me what my favorite things were to do with each person in the family.  Here's my list:  Josh: puzzles and games, Ellie: read books, Owen: play on the floor, Daddy: go out to eat by ourselves and talk. 
Josh quickly replied, "No, Mom, your favorite thing to do with Daddy is to cry on his shoulder."
Hmmm.  Musta been a rough week.


Sittintall said...

I like the last one (he's one perceptive guy). You poor thing, maybe it's time Mommy went out on a date.

emilymcd said...

Awwww... kids are so perceptive (you crying on Carey's shoulder) --If it's any consolation...Morgan was playing dolls the other day. She was playing with a Daddy and Morgan doll. I asked her, "Where's the Mommy?"

"Oh", she said, "She's at the doctors."

Groan. Too many doc visits?