Friday, January 11, 2008


Ellie and I sat at lunch the other day.
We chatted about our day and what to do tomorrow.
I mentioned that her grandma was coming to visit the next day, we'd do some shopping, lunch and then grandma would probably leave after Ellie was in bed for rest and snooze time.

With large hand motions and super-animated facial expressions she asked, "Well, what we do affer that?"

I laughed out loud and asked her where she learned to act like that.

In a quick response...


Oh dear. Our greatest strengths and weaknesses reflected in our children is most humbling.


emilymcd said...

hahahah... She is SOOOO right. I didn't know you had a theatrical bent until you did that stint with Dan in church a while ago. Allow me to summarize the comments from the crowd: "DAAANNNNGGGGG... She's good."

You know how to rev up a crowd. It will be fun to see if Ellie follows in her mama's footsteps.

Short Stop said...

LOL! Out of the mouths of babes! :)