Thursday, January 10, 2008

Into Retirement

Well, for any of you who don't want to hear my sentimental musing about being ALL DONE with with nursing Owen...look away.

It was a gradual event.  Owen began weaning himself a couple of months before the new year.  He became less interested in nursing and would hork down a bottle instead if it was offered.  I was glad that the grand retirement of my body as a feeding machine was gradual.  Although, with this being the last baby in our house, it was still a sad milestone.  Even though nursing comes with many ups and downs, it has been one of those special bonds that I've had to share with each of my kiddos.  On the upswing, I am very excited to have my body back to myself, too.  I'm hoping that now I can go and find new underattire that will lift my spirits, and anything thing else that needs lifting after three nursing children.  I'm also hoping that with this new freedom, exercise will become more of a desire and opportunity as well.  

So, new baby teeth, disinterest and the need for me to feel like I'm not an absolute essential to their nutritional intake won me over to saying goodbye and farewell to one of my now fading, but favorite memories with my babies.  

So Bon Voyage nursing!  Fare thee well!


emilymcd said...

Congratulations! You done good. Both of you. (*wink)

Sittintall said...

Ahh, I remember what a great feeling it was to get the b**bs back! Yes, finally no sleeping with a bra on at bed. You did do a great job.

Dave and Jenni said...

Congratulations - although I know it is bittersweet! Definitely need to go get some new fancy things though to keep positive about it!

Short Stop said...

Oh, K! I felt sentimental each time I stopped nursing. Memories of those times with my babies are among the most precious to me.

Here's to having your body back...and the wonderful memories you carry with you! :)