Friday, January 11, 2008

THE Plan

I now have a plan.

I have to say that I am more excited about this than the return of LOST. It's a funky kinda feeling, because it's Yep, as you collect yourself off the floor and back onto your comfy desk chair (which I am finding now is THE most important comfort item to own), let me explain. I do not have a fever...I checked.

I have always given myself the excuse that "if I was home all the time" I could TOTALLY be able to have a schedule for everything and life would be grand. BUT, as moms who do stay at home know this is a bunch of BULL HONKUS. Life is crazy whether you work or don't. Lately, I've been having quite the pity party for myself...complete with streamers and party favors. I kept saying how hard it is to "do it all." Well, I had a bit of a news's hard for I got over it. See how mature I am? I realized that not only is this angst over the craziness of life too much like a soap opera or junior high, it's also NOT what God calls us be like. My selfish pride and "woe is me" attitude kept me from taking ownership of the one place where I can praise God loud and home. I can pass this onto my children, too. Read this and I think you'll be inspired, too.

It all began as I was browsing through the Works for me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer. I found so many blogs about organizing and getting your family life in order that I was compelled to browse the blogosphere for way more info than I needed. (Hmmm, so that's why I didn't get anything done yesterday).

So now I have found a way to put one of my new year goals into action: A Cleaning Schedule. This is one of the many ideas "borrowed" from a post about family binders.

I began by listing the things that need to get done, daily, weekly, and monthly around the house. I even kept a side list going of things that aren't cleaning related, but still items of note (making lunches, grocery shopping). With all of these normally overwhelming tasks staring at me like "get 'r done already" I began to split up the week. Each day gets a cleaning chore or two, with most of them landing during the last part of the week when I don't work. Because I also realized it was slightly unrealistic to think I would be able to get anything done besides the basics on the days when I work.

What made it even more exciting is that I began to see windows of time OPENING UP. I'm pretty sure that previously I spent that time looking out said window, moping about how I just can't do it all. Now, some of my other goals for this year (teaching the kids memory verses, preschool activities at home with Ellie, playtime on the floor with Owen) don't feel like they are taking away from the stuff that "needs" to get done...because it will get done...the schedule says so.

Ok, I'm not totally so far down the idealistic road to think that maybe, once in a while my all-wonderful plan won't work out. But, for now I think it's a great start. I hope to one day with vim and vigor, and without the cigar in my mouth, mutter a once famous phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Now to go back to the master schedule and block out chunks of time for blogging...hehe


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Kris, I am so with you on this one. I began more purposefully planning a bit ago and boy did it change things. I am finding that I have to revamp the plan now as we have moved into a different phase. I'd love to see your final "plan" for cleaning and such once you have it complete and time to type it up.

You rock! Good for you momma.

emilymcd said...

Okay, we have to talk. I must glean all your new knowledge and vigor about cleaning.

Short Stop said...

This is so great, K! Yes, please share when you can!! :)