Thursday, January 17, 2008

He Shoots, He Scores

It was bedtime. I could tell by the beginnings of fussiness and the rubbing of eyes. So I grabbed my darling little Owen and began his last diaper change for the night. I laid the sleepy bundle on our changing table (aka, the living room floor). I adeptly swept off the old diaper and glanced to the right to grab a new one out of the handy dandy basket set up for just such this occasion.

And then I feel warmth.

I hear trickling.

I am getting peed on.

Now this is not a new occurrence or even a shocking one.


My reaction? To try and save our carpet (why?) by catching it in my hands. CATCHING IT IN MY HANDS. As I held the pee now leaking through my feeble attempt as a potty, I thought...exactly when did THIS become my reaction?  

Soon I was changing out of my at home uniform (pj pants) into more of the same and I thought about my reaction.  It seems that I have moved slowly but surely from shock at the expulsion of bodily fluids, to the acceptance and even clever MacGyver-type actions to save it from totally ruining my house.  

It's a hope I have.    

**Updated to Add:  I forgot to describe my verbal reaction to this lovely event.  I LAUGHED.  I sat there with a yellow pool in my hands, helpless to keep Owen from rolling over and dragging his shooter across the floor.  Although I guess the sight of his dear mother laughing her fool head off was enough to keep him planted where he was.  Thank goodness.**


Sittintall said...

That was too funny. Thanks for the afternoon laugh. Of course I know you found the humor in it too. So did you save the floor? Was it worth catching the stream? I think I would've tried the same thing, but I probably wouldn't have been as quick to the draw. Too funny.

Dave and Jenni said...

That is *hilarious*! I've caught it in my shirt before (carrying a na.ked baby to the bathtub), but never in my hands yet. Thanks for the laugh - you told the story so well!

Kyra said...

ROLF- Kris, I haven't laughed this hard in quite some time! Everyone at work is staring at me. LOLOLOLOL. I'm actually holding my stomach in-I hope I don't pull my stitches...Classic!