Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Plan Part 2

Ok readers, I've been wanting to write about my new cleaning schedule for awhile now, but wanted to make sure that the love I feel for the Plan was not just another fleeting crush.

I L.O.V.E my cleaning schedule.  

The idea is not my own (a rare few things are), and I can't even pinpoint the one blog I read but the thought began a while ago.  I felt things kinda spiraling out of control in the home cleanliness department here and knew it was time to do something about it.  And since I'm a big fan of controlling things (just ask the Hubs), this sounded like something I could grab on to.  So I did what every other young mom my age would do...I surfed the blogs.  From that, I came up with the Plan.  And I am pleased to say that contrary to many other ideas I've had, I'm not in love with just the idea, or the planning before the idea, but the actual real live results.  So here's how I started...

I made a list of ALL the cleaning I could ever imagine I would need to do in our house.  From the small (mail sorting) to the big (basement cleanup), and matched it with the daily and the weekly and the monthly chores.  Armed with this immense amount of information I then aligned the planets and...just kidding...just a bit excited... I wrote out the days of the week.  For each day I gave a certain number of daily and weekly jobs.  The daily jobs were necessary to write out only because it reminded me of how if I don't do these things everyday, they will add up and one day I will be found under a large, yet strangely comfortable pile of dishes, toys, dishes, coats, shoes, lunch bags, and dishes (did I mention dishes?...eek.)  As for the weekly jobs I gave myself "time off" on Mondays and Tuesdays because those are the days I work a full day.  This was one of the best things about the plan.  It gave me a sense of relief because I knew I could just rest and focus on my family one those nights, because I could see that all those other tasks would get done later in the week.  It says so in the Plan.  

Only for the sake of posterity will I post the plan.  I'm sure I'll need a laugh someday about this obvious need for controlling something in this phase of our lives.

Sunday:  Refrigerator cleanout, Begin laundry (clothes only) -(this was a necessity...remember the "Monday Man?" Well, Mondays didn't work for us and neither did waiting until later in the week to wash what we needed. Plus, with a more laid back schedule because of the Lord's Day, it often works out really well)


Tuesday:(days off...but a good time to put away laundry from 
previous day or finish that last load)

Wednesday: Laundry (towels, sheets), Diaper Bag/Purse clean out and switch, Prepare grocery list (for those of you who can relate, the idea of being able to carry just a purse instead of a honking diaper bag is a beautiful thing.  On the days I work I get to bring a super cute purse the Hubs bought for a birthday gift, and then the second half of the week, I trade it in for the diaper bag, a.k.a. the place where they stuff everything they don't want to carry anymore)

Thursday: Bathrooms and Grocery shopping

Friday: Vacuum first floor and mop kitchen floor, Sort papers on counter

Saturday: Dust first floor, Bedroom clean up, Vacuum second floor, Deep clean Kitchen

Needless to say this has actually freed up so much time for me.  I don't feel like I have to do everything in one day, and I feel confident to invite friends over on a whim because I can actually say I know when the toilets were cleaned.  I've found time to do some preschool activities at home with Ellie, read more with Josh when he gets home and guessed a bit.  

Now I just need to do an inservice for the rest of my family and get them on board.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Looks great! I did mine awhile back and it really did change things around here. BUT D learning to walk and get into everything has made it tough. I have to get back to the habit! Thanks for the reminder of how great it is when you do stick with it :)

The Bakers said...

You actually dust? On a regular basis? I am totally impressed and need to figure out some sort of plan. I feel like I have been totally falling behind (yet I promise - I don't live in total filth. :) ) I love cleanliness and control so I might just have to take the model from you.

Laural said...

I have a cleaning list, too! But I got so detailed with it that I derailed myself. I think I'll go back and tweak it so that I can actually follow it.

It's hard for me to work full time and still tackle everything that needs to get done at home. I come home brain dead. Lists like this really are a life saver.

Sittintall said...

Wow, I am very impressed. It was neat to see how you layed things out. We definitely need more of a plan (it just helps you stay on track, and not muddle your day away). Anyway, great for you! Glad it's working out.

emilymcd said...

WAY COOL!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

You inspire!!!