Friday, January 04, 2008


Josh: (upon being shown Owen's two new bottom teeth)
"WHOA! They're so tiny!"
(and yet they pack a powerful bite! So long nursing...fodder for a later blog)

Me: (we're playing a puzzle game on the kids' new toy)
"Wow Josh that was a really smart way of figuring that out."
Josh:  "Yeah... I learned it all from kindergarten."
(an appreciation for learning at such a young age...warms my teacher's heart)

Ellie: (after a desperate plea to get her cousin and Josh to play house with her)
"Guys, when I don't play house, I'm just really sad."

Ellie: (after being asked to bring her plate to the kitchen after dinner)
"I can't mom!  I don't have my muscles!"
(misplaced or just conveniently out of town?)

Ellie: (she and Josh are playing trains through the living room/kitchen)
"Jo-uh-sh! I being the chugga!"
Oh, by the way, that is how she says Josh's name ALL the time.  There is a definite "UH" syllable added to the middle of his name.  Especially when he doesn't seem to be listening to her. 


Mary@notbefore7 said...

"I don't have any muscles" ha ha ha! T always says, "I ran out of gas." Cute stuff.

emilymcd said...

HAHA. I like how Ellie says "Jo-uh-sh!"

I've gotta hear this!