Friday, January 04, 2008

House of Pain

Owen is learning that our warm, comfy home is also a house of pain.  I'm pretty sure he's found every corner, sharp edge and hard spot in the house by now.  The poor guy is just too adventurous for his own good. (it doesn't fall far from the tree...Hubs).  He's discovered the stairs and makes a beeline for them as soon as I turn around or head around a corner.  The "alarm" sounds when he does.  Thankfully, he has two older sibs who watch him like a hawk. Shouts of "OWEN'S ON THE STAIRS!"  are fairly common around here now.  

Owen's other favorite spot to pull up and stand by is the corner of the coffee table/end table between the chair and the couch.  He spends a considerable amount of time cruising from one to the other, narrowly missing the corner on his way.  

One thing is for sure though, he is a careful guy.  His descent from standing to kneeling or sitting is a slow, calculated move.  My hope is that these little bumps and scraps will be the extent of his learning life the hard way, and his careful, purposeful movements will be the beginning of a man who loves adventure (like his dad), but is willing to more carefully explore the world (like his mom.)

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Short Stop said...

Poor little Owen! It's tough learning your way around!

Max was covered in bruises when he started pulling up on things and was learning to walk. Every time I took him out, I imagined people staring at his bruises, and then at me! :)

He's a cutie...