Thursday, January 17, 2008

Naughty or Just Busy?

When I was young we visited my mom's family often.  They were farmers and really good people. They worked hard, laughed hard and loved quietly.  My grandparents were average people in the world's terms, but had lots of love for family.  They had 5 kids, (my aunts and uncles) who in turn had anywhere between 4-7 children of their own.  Each one of those kids (my cousins) has had anywhere from 1-6 kids of their own.  You do the math, but I assure you that's a whole lotta family. I believe that they all took the words, "Be fruitful and multiply" very seriously.  

Some of my favorite memories of my grandparents were when they would get together with their own kids and tell stories of the "old days."  I loved hearing the tales of my grandfather on a motorcycle, the things they did for fun and the trouble they caused with cars.  All the while they would always say, "Aw, I wasn't naughty, just busy."  To this day, this phrase is oft repeated as the myriads of us get together for different family functions.   
So it should be no surprise when looking for Owen, who's been quiet for a few minutes, that I find this.....

Ah, the genes run true.


Dave and Jenni said...

I can empathize - I actually get anxious when I don't hear anything in the next room and it's usually for a good reason!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

He is getting so big :)

LOVE the bathroom wall color too.

You definitely have to be careful when they get quiet.