Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Josh

Dear Josh,

Today you are six.  Actually, at 10:50pm you'll be six.  But we're keeping that part out today.  We will be celebrating tomorrow with family and a bowling party!  Your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles will be coming over for a night of bowling, lasagna, and probably presents. You got a bit of gift already today by having a snow day.  It's funny because this is  your second year of missing school on your birthday.  Last year it was because you were sick.  When you did get to go, we brought in Krisp*e Krem*e donuts, but the teacher said you only ate a bite. I asked you about it today, but you had forgotten.  I was glad, because it was such a bummer for you to miss your special day at school.   
You were in preschool then. you are in Kindergarten!  You've gone to full day kindergarten this year for a few reasons.  Mostly, because you were so ready to go to school.  Everyone says you're a mature little boy, and I'm always so proud to hear how well you do in places without me.  You LOVE school.  Your first weeks were hard because you were tired and not used to such a jam-packed day.  But you enjoy the routine of the classroom, the rules and free choice time the best.  Each day you like to tell us about your adventures over dinner, and if I try to sneak any information out of you earlier, you roll your eyes and say, "Mom, at dinner, so Daddy can hear." 
Besides starting your grade school career, you tried many new things this past year.  Teeball.  Soccer.  Riding a two-wheeler with no training wheels.  You've gotten to be very good at Legos, and are beginning to read all by yourself.  (that last one is very exciting for me to's the teacher in me!)  I'm so proud of the way that you have shown how brave you really are and how willing you are to try new things.  Today you said  you wanted to try snowboarding or skiing after seeing some big kids at the sledding hill!  
You are amazing with your younger sister and brother.   They love being with you because you have great ideas about what to play and how to make the everyday really fun.  (most recently...meerkats under the living room pillows and between the ottoman and the couch) Sometimes, you can get Ellie to listen even when I can't!  You are kind, thoughtful, playful, funny and I love to hear you laugh.

So, today is your birthday, but in my heart, I've been celebrating for a while now.  Of all the kids' birthdays, I think yours will always fill me with a different kind of emotion than your sibs. You were my first baby.  The day you were born, both sets of your grandparents sat outside the room anxiously waiting your arrival.  They came with a basket of goodies to keep themselves busy, and from what they said, they had a great time anticipating the momentous occasion of... you.  You came after being induced into the world, and my life will never be the same.  Each stage that you go through is the first time I'm going through it, too.  We're learning together, and you are teaching me A LOT.  You've taught me a new kind of love, and to accept you for the way God made you.  I do love you, more than I realize somedays.  I feel it most when you jump on my lap and we snuggle or read together.  I check on you every night before I go to sleep.  I love hearing the slight noise of your breathing and the peaceful look on your face as you rest.  These days are going fast, I can feel them getting away from me sometimes.  But I promise to look for chances to show you how much I love you, not just with my words, but with the way I care for you, too.  
Enjoy being six, Josh.  I know I will!

Love always,


Sittintall said...

Happy Birthday Josh, we will miss you on this special day! Have a great time.

Love, Auntie Sarah

streetwise said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! Enjoy your bowling party! With love from your Uncle Paul and Auntie Aubrey :)

trevsmom said...

Oh Kris, what a beautiful post. The tears are streaming down my face...I know this will be a treasure to Josh someday too~ To know what his Mom thought about him when he was 6 {not something we all get to know:-)} 6 years has sure gone by fast, I too remember the weeks leading up to his birth. I remember all the doctor appointments before hand and thinking that maybe just maybe he would be here earlier. I remember watching your belly move and all of Josh's uncles putting their hands on your belly at Christmas time. It was the first time we'd all be aunts and uncles and it was sooo exciting. It has been a blast watching him do all the firsts and to watch him become the COOL DUDE he is today. He is truly an energetic boy with lots with a heart full of kindness and love for others. We love J-man, Silly Sam and COOL DUDE! We had a blast at the bowling party, great lasagna too.

andrea said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been that long since he was born! Happy partying up there. Stay warm; you have much more snow than we do down here!