Friday, February 22, 2008

Owen Update: 10 months

This kid cracks me up. He is my joy on the days when life wants to drag me through the mud with no hope of a shower. Owen has a million funny faces. His newest one is not the one below, but one that only comes out when you tell him no. Like when he tries to push buttons on the TV, is drawn to the light on the surge protector plugs under the office desk and those sneaky little trips up the stairs. (Today he actually came back down after I told him no...he was only on the first one, but my hopes for a good listener are growing.) He scrunches his nose and furrows his brow just long enough to evoke sympathy for his forlorned state.

Owen is still a good eater, although our transition to chunkier foods is taking a bit longer than I remember with the other kiddos. I remember buying about three jars of those 3rd foods for Josh before he went right into bits and pieces of what we were eating. Ellie was a picky eater, didn't eat too much, but still didn't have a problem moving through the stages. Owen gags. He notices a larger piece (read: one corner of those melt-in-your-mouth kids' snacks), makes a face and starts to gag. We've had some progress on this milestone this week (even a few pieces of spaghetti from last night's dinner!), so I've decided not to worry. I've noticed how with Owen I'm waffling between savoring every stage of our last baby and eagerly anticipating the next stages that I loved with the others.

Owen babbles and keeps up very well with his noisy family. I think he's already figured out that the loudest one wins. He likes to climb up on bottom rung of our kitchen chairs and finds loads of entertainment under the table, too. He is still very stable and careful about how he gets around, but can push his way into his sibs games with bullish motivation. He's also perfected a kind of fake laugh that cracks us all up, and I think he knows it. He is looking less like a baby every day.

He's had rough winter with several small colds and a bout of "the pink eye." But he still continues to sleep well and bounce back with amazing resilience. His first birthday seems like it will be here before I know it! Well, until then, I look forward to warmer weather, a chance to introduce him to the warm grass under his toes and more silly faces.


emilymcd said...

hahaha... "the loudest one wins" at dinner. We love you, Owen. You make a great "caboose" in the family. We can't imagine the Wise family without your input!

Sittintall said...

What a cutie pie. So glad he has so many faces to make his mama smile! Miss you little guy, hope to see you soon.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh he is just so darn cute! What a handsome fellow and what a fun age.

The eating will come. D wouldn't touch food till 8ish months at all...then went right to table food.

Dave and Jenni said...

Lily has begun to discover the whole loudest principle too - and it comes out in high-pitched girlish squeals. Ay-yai-yai.

I know what you mean about the savor vs. growth argument. I feel the same way a lot of times. My temptation is with walking - I want her to walk so that it's easier to get around with 3 little ones, but I don't want to miss out on everything in-between. The difficulty of living in the moment... :)

Hope you continue to enjoy every piece of him - which it seems like you're doing a great job of!