Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was changing Ellie she yelled out, "Look, MOM! A new ickle!"
(mommy brain working...ickle=???)

"See mom, a frickle!"


"A frackle!"

More pause.

"An ockle!"

At this point I have to stop her. If it wasn't so darn painful to see her try to come up with the right word, I would have let it go some more. But kindness won and I asked her if she meant, "freckle?"


"Let's match ours mom!" This a fun thing we do every now and then. Match our freckles. Both her and Josh have a freckle in the same place that I do. Josh and share one on our hands, Ellie's and mine are on our forearm. It's an odd thing, and I feel little weird sharing it, but I'm not sure when I'm older I'll have forgotten about the days when we had time to sit, talk, cuddle and in a moment of amazing observation, realize that we have matching freckles.

I can't wait to see where Owen's freckle pops up.


emilymcd said...

hahahah... an "ockle"... that is such a great story.

You have matching freckles? That is so cool!

trevsmom said...

How cute!

emilymcd said...

BTW- "ockles" are better than the "nipple" word that Morgan uses in our house. Any mark on someone's body is called a "nipple" to her. Lovely.

Ockles. I love that word. So fun.

Ockles. hehe

Sittintall said...

You always were very good at having those little moments with your kids, to share/cuddle/bond. They are very fortunate to have a mom who has a matching ockle.