Friday, May 02, 2008

Belated Birthday and One Year Update

Owen turned one a couple of weeks ago, and in true Party House fashion, it went on for a couple of weeks. His birthday brought up several mixed emotions for me, both sad (our last 1st b-day celebration) and happy (he's at my favorite stage!).

This first year truly has gone by very quickly. He started walking about a month ago and hasn't stopped moving since. Owen is into everything, cabinets, toilet paper, and, of course, all his sibs toys and goodies. They have been really understanding and often include him in their games. Josh is very watchful of his little brother and will sound the alert if any trouble arises. Ellie likes Owen as long as he doesn't want the same thing she does. Her patience with him is about as short as he is.

Speaking of height, at his recent 1-year appointment, the doc said he was tall and thin. I look at his pudging belly and I'm not so sure. He did lose some weight since his last visit, but that could be a result of his newfound mobility and the switch to milk. The switch to milk went amazingly well. In one week we were formula free! A big sigh was heard from my wallet. Ellie was fully potty-trained about the same time and I thought I'd pass out from excitement. Two down, one to go! He has just recently begun to be more consistent about eating table food and again, a big sigh for fewer purchases of expensive baby food. It makes putting together a lunch for him at the sitter a bit more tedious, but I'm up for it!

Owen already has a great sense of humor. He gives you a look and a giggle and you're off on some hilarious "conversation." This is truly my favorite stage when they are beginning to see how their reactions and interactions can be a part of the world around them. Dinnertime ends up with us laughing at some funny face or sound that he makes. Currently, his new trick is to try and stand up in his high chair, an offense that gets a round of "Owen, sit down," from everyone at the table. His babbles are turning into more meaningful sounds like "mama, dada," and the occasional "ruff, ruff, and quack, quack." He loves to point out things in books and outside.

He LOVES to be outside. I'm ready for lots skinned knees and hands, because he wants to keep up with big sibs and their outdoor games. Oh boy...busy summer ahead! We've already been exploring the backyard playset and he's found he can get up to the "fort" to turn the wheel and freak his mother out. Our time outside will definitely keep me away from the computer this summer!

So here's some pics of Owen's birthday and a recent spring day outside. Enjoy!


Sittintall said...

Looks like they're all having lots of fun! Yes, I think you are going to have a lot of skinned knees. But the warm weather and opportunity to go outside instead of being cooped up inside is well worth the boo boos:)

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh what great pictures! I love that last one of Josh and Ellie. Sounds like they are keeping you very busy. :)