Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Things I Learned this Spring

Maybe because I didn't learn enough last summer, or maybe because I just want to remember these days....

1. The Family Road Trip ain't that bad. (note: DVD player is a must)

2. Easter is a great time to be with family. Oh, yeah, and being in a warm climate is nice, too.

3. Our kids love the outdoors. We couldn't wait for the long winter to be over!

4. We can't pull off the time-honored parent trick of spelling words to communicate secretly in front of our children. Josh has come a long way. (way to go, buddy!)

5. Decisions regarding school/future stink. Until you finally give it to God. Although we were waiting for the holy 2 by 4 to knock us into the right decision, the still small voice was just as powerful.

6. We love the RED BOX.

7. My Hubs continues to impress me with his dedication to exercising and especially running. I love that he got us all into the game!

8. Life got you down? Read blogs. They are chicken soup for the soul.

9. T-ball is our life. For now.

10. I can't wait for summer.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Cute! Loved #8 - aint' it the truth? Guess that is why I am here reading your blog instead of catching up on the sleep I need to attack that house again tomorrow ;)

Sittintall said...

We love Red Box too! After the last time I went to blockbuster and they told me my total was $5, I haven't been back since. You can't be $1!!

Short Stop said...

I have never used Red Box, but I see them all over the place.

We usually get videos for a week for free from the library. Fortuantely, ours has a great selection.

Dave and Jenni said...

We're about to take a road trip ourselves this weekend and I totally agree about the DVD player!