Sunday, June 01, 2008

Guilty as charged

Today the dear Hubs was installed as Deacon at our church. When he first mentioned that his name was in the running, I wasn't exactly thrilled.  And if true confessions were to be made, I secretly hoped he wouldn't get voted in.  I liked having the Hubs available to me and the kids, besides our own chosen busyness.  He has been a deacon before, and I knew that it was pretty possible that he would be voted onto this current council.  I was not happy about it. 

Today the Lord put me in my place.

As they read the "charge" to the deacons; their job description, I was amazed.  It was as if they were listing off all the wonderful reasons why I love my darling man.  (do they read my blog, too?) I looked at him in front of our church, dapper and well-dressed, and thought...this is why he is here.  The Lord knows his talents, his abilities, and this is the way he can share them with others.  

I had another secret thought...I already the way you know your best friend...that this list of qualities and instructions is true about my dear Hubs.  Others may know him as kind, generous or thoughtful, but I know.  How selfish I had been to not fully support the essence of the man that I love.  Although, it will still be difficult to "share" my man with others, his service will be a testament to all of us, especially our kids, to the ways the Lord calls us to his kingdom work.  

A friend asked me today if it was emotional to see the Hubs up there, kneeling down, getting the hands of other council members kindly placed on his shoulders, praying for his work to come.  I had said no, because my first reaction to the word emotional brings to mind pictures of tears.  In that way, I wasn't.  But in another way, it was.  I felt strong emotions of love and caring for my dear Hubs.  In fact, the sadness and dread I had previously felt about his inevitable busyness and absence because of his deacon work left me.  I was proud.  Not a bragging, boastful pride, but a gentle glowing pride that my husband was chosen, chosen by God to participate in the life of our church in this way.  

So, Congratulations, dear Hubs.  Go get 'em.  

And we will be here...praying you all the way.


emilymcd said...

Oh, what a beautiful post. If it means anything, I get emotional watching our friends being inducted into the office.

I often think of love as being something that comes spontaneously, from the heart. But today I was struck with corporate "organized" love (strange, I know) and how appropriate it is for the church to have people in charge of caring for others... like an adoptive family.

Carey did a great job... praying and everything. Congrats, Carey. You're a great example of a man of God.

Dave and Jenni said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband. Thank you for sharing so honestly. He sounds like a wonderful person - may God guide him (and you) through this next season.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Beautiful record for your husband. May God bless this journey for the church.