Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer promises

I promise to spend less time on the computer.  

Seriously, when school got out one of the first things I thought was..."Now I can blog more."  I know, I need therapy, or maybe not. 

I'm almost two weeks in here, and I have definitely had more time to blog, but I'm finding I'd rather do other things.  Like one of my other summer promises...

Spend "quality" and "quantity" time with the kids.

This thought was inspired from the most amazing book.  So far, one way we've started this is enjoying a game outside on the patio, under our table's umbrella.  It's cool, it's fun and the kids love the time spent together.  As far as the book, it's taken me awhile to get through it, only because my little UPS man (Owen) delivered it to a very special hiding place under the couch for the last few months.  Not only am I learning more about being a better parent, but also a better person.  I love that I have the time to read it, and that I'm taking the time to read it, too. (not to be caught only doing one thing at once, this multi-tasker was also sunning herself while reading.)  This book as also reminded me about another important promise...

Remember, it's not all about me.

A couple of years ago I realized that I am one selfish person.  So, my hope is to find ways to serve my Hubs, my kids, my family and friends.  Along the way, I hope that I will do a lot of this next promise...

Laugh.  A lot.

I love to laugh.  Silly jokes, corny faces, arm far.ts (a Josh speciality), hilarious blog posts, and animal antics are some of the top faves that get this girl giggling.  Somewhere along the way of responsibilities and life's crazies, I forgot that things are so much better when you find the happy side of the frown.  I hope my kids learn this, too.  

So, there it is.  Another list. A good place to start.  

Now, I've got to go, Ellie is asking to read a book with me.  Got to keep those promises!


Sittintall said...

What a great post. There isn't a better reason NOT to blog. I know I have felt the same pull. I'm finding it more difficult to blog when I want to be outside playing with the kids, gardening, enjoying the sunshine (although I find myself still wanting to record those memories). Have fun keeping those promises, laughing, having a great summer.

PS That looks like a great book. Maybe one I should read.

emilymcd said...

Great promises, Kris! I love this list. And I hope you don't stop blogging... I love to hear your mothering words.

Dave and Jenni said...

What a great list. I, too, have been simplifying (which, of course, is why I don't get to commenting as much!). You seem like such a devoted wife and mother - enjoy your summer with your family!