Monday, June 23, 2008

Super Sunday

We sure know how to pack it in.

The Hubs and Josh went with to my brother's work where they were having a large picnic to celebrate 50 years. It was big boy's toys to the max. They climbed on the big tractors, saw where they were built, and even marveled in the massive power of one powerful crane that smashed a few cars to bits. The boys enjoyed a great grilled lunch and polished it off with cotton candy.

I took Ellie and Owen to a local path with some friends for a lazy Sunday afternoon bike ride. Lazy?... My left toe. It was a stellar example of how I am so out of shape. Pitifully. My dear friends were quite understanding and even stayed back and rode the slow lane with me. Of course, I was using every excuse in the book (...I'm pulling about 50 pounds of children behind me...), but in the end, the truth stands and I barely made the 6 mile path. On a bike. In the low gears. "Granny gears." I am very appreciative of my friends who were encouraging despite my complaining (I tried not to, but those hills! Ant hills? No, but close). I found myself floundering at one point when a little voice behind me said, "You can do it, Mom." Ah, a second wind. Inflated by the eternal hope of that my daughter had in me to get her home, I pedaled. I focused. And I did make it. Barely. But I did. We did. (I wish I had pictures to show. There were cuties in bike trailers and it was a gorgeous time.)

All in all, it was a very busy day, and super family fun ensued. Josh (and the Hubs) was quite impressed with the strength of machines, and I was just as affected by the power of my daughter's hope.

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