Friday, June 06, 2008

School's Out

Another school year has come to a close. It's time to put away the backpacks and lunch boxes, the bags we used for the sitter and the all-powerful school calendar. Packing these things away brings a great sigh to my heart. I am relieved that another year of taxi driving my kids from school, to sitter, to home is over. I am happy to just think about my own three children, instead of twenty-four others as well. I am looking forward to saying, "It's another 'Mommy Day,' " the days we affectionately have named for days when I don't have to work. Ellie is anxiously awaiting more "Josh Days," too.

On the other foot, we have a whole summer ahead of us. Days of fun, excitement, playing, laughing and boredom. We've already made our lists...(these poor children have no chance whatsoever to become a person who does NOT make lists.)

One for big ideas (special outings) that Josh wrote.
(note dear SIL Sarah, that the second page first item is "play with rode (Rudy)"
...MI here we come!) The last item on the second page is not a Spa park (although what a genius idea, eh?) but a spray park nearby.

One for everyday ideas (when we're bored) that I wrote.
Not an exhaustive list, but one to get us started!

And of course, Ellie's list, which was just a couple of things she can't wait to do.
Play "House"
and go to the "Beach"
(who knew 'g' sounds like 'ch'??)
Note the spider going for a ride on the surfboard.
The more legs with which to hold onto, my dear.

Each year I mourn. I mourn the year past and the one ahead. I already had my good cry last night. I watched a sad movie on purpose, just to get the tears going, because, so far, I've been trying to keep them back. This year was especially poignant. Kindergarten. Done. Next year, first grade. Preschool. *sigh* I've watched my kids go off and begin their own lives just a bit. Their own friends (at least, ones I haven't picked out for them), their own likes and dislikes based on their own new experiences. *big sigh* Josh is reading. Ellie is writing. Owen is... well, at least I have him for a while yet. Although, from the looks of it, not as long as I would like. I mourn the fact that I could have done more, I could have stopped to smell the roses. In fact, the Hubs brought home some beautiful peonies from work yesterday, so in a physical gesture of doing so, I stopped and smelled the peonies. Unfortunately, that was after my good cry and I couldn't smell a thing because of my now running nose. (*sigh* with a giggle) I've always known the cycle of school years and continue to cherish the break that summer affords. (especially when I see how hard the Hubs works day after day, only to get a couple of weeks off each you for that, dear!) So I know this feeling will come around again. Hopefully, it will get less painful as I get used to end and the beginning of school years for my own children. Saying goodbye to my own classes was never this hard. Saying goodbye to Josh's teacher today was a bit difficult. She is an amazing educator and I want to go to kindergarten now. She never wavered in her affection for Josh and her reassurances to me were exactly what my mother's heart needed. (odd, being on the other end of things now).

Today is a new day and next week will bring trips to the library, days outside and many trips to the lists. I pray today for a safe summer, one filled with good family time, rest, rejuvenation, and rejoicing when those inevitable August days come again.

Welcome, Summer. It's good to have you back.


emilymcd said...

As usual, Kris... you come up with great ideas for the kiddos. I love how they drew their list of ideas, too.

The spider on the surf board... gave me a big smile.

Sittintall said...

Wow, way to bring on the tears Kris. Now I've got watery eyes. Your kids ARE growing up so quickly. And your reminder to make every moment count hits home. I hope you have a wonderful week and summer. I'm sure they will be very fun filled with mommy like you.

PS I love the idea to kick of the summer with a list of things they'd like to do (and good keepsake too!). Those lists were great. And very impressed with Ellie already learning how to spell!

Dave and Jenni said...

So this is the heartbreak I have to look forward to...Sigh. Thank you for this very honest post. It made me laugh and cry just a little.