Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Buzzin'

In an uncharacteristic impulse Josh wanted a buzz haircut. I think the idea came from a friend or two who had the cut for summer. He really needed a cut anyway, but I wasn't planning on cutting his beautiful hair down to nothing. On Saturday, his grandparents were over and the peer pressure set in. For whatever reason, probably something related to this, I got really panicky about it. Josh can get pretty emotional (wonder where that comes from?), and I was afraid if he didn't like it, the aftermath could be Titanic-ish. My mother-in-law had a great insight though... just the fact that he was willing to make a drastic change to his appearance was a huge showing of his self-confidence, of how far he had come. So, I changed my own emotional attitude (yep, it don't fall far from the tree, my friends), plastered a big smile on my face, and got the clippers. Oddly, our clippers starting petering out half way through, and the job had to be finished by a professional. Thank goodness...who knows what the child would have looked like. (see second photo below.) He looks great! The smile on his face when he got back showed me how much he liked it, and the attention he's received since then has been eagerly welcomed, too.

I'm so proud of my Buzz Boy. Who knew?


Sittintall said...

I love the picture story. The look on the second pic tells it all! Way to go both of you, for the leap of faith in a new direction. And he looks great (quite a change), but great! I'm sure it will be a great summer doo.

andrea said...

Looks great--and I'm sure it will be a lot cooler for the summer!

emilymcd said...

He is so cute. So cute.

I get Morgan's hair cut by a professional, like, every three months. In between I try not to make her hair mullet-y. Ugh.

Dave and Jenni said...

What a cutie! I always think buzz cuts make them look so much bigger! I have the same fears about cutting their hair - thankfully with girls it's pretty easy to hide the mistakes at the young ages. But pretty soon we may be starting to head over to the kiddie salon!