Monday, June 23, 2008

Left Field Laugh

My dear Ellie is having an issue with constip.ation.  Eventually all will work itself out, but for now, we are having a bit of trouble.  After another failed attempt that left some skid marks on another pair of und.ies, I gave a big sigh, and said something about trying again later.

Not missing a beat, my Ellie says, "But I'm lucky, mommy, I found a penny!"

Yes, dear, you are.  


Sittintall said...

Oh, poor thing. I feel for her, I really do...because Katie sure shares the same problem. There's not a lot you can do when they're in the middle of trying to go either. Hope all is well on the trip.

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh I feel your pain. Ruthie has actually been on a laxative for years because of it, but she still gets the "streaks." Hope all comes out soon!