Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cutest soccer player ever

Isn't this just the cutest soccer player you ever did see? Our cousin Trevor, future all-star! Of course, I guess I should mention at the time of this photo the game was actually still going on. He had come over to where we were to ask if we were coming to his house after the game. Oh well, it was fun to catch him in action and cheer him on! He is turning the big f-o-u-r this month and we are so glad we live close enough to get to see him in play. Way to go, Trev!


emilymcd said...

OHhhhhhh... Trevor! His little shorts are so cute. He looks very confident in his uniform!

Dave and Jenni said...

That's so cute that he came over in the middle of the game. What a sweetie!