Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family Visit Adventure

Recently we had the chance to visit with some family members that we don't get to see very often.  My cousin, Daria, her husband, Frank and their beautiful girls, Neesa, Ellie, and Sage were on their way from California to DC, on a cross-country moving trip.  Their jobs were moving them across the states and they took advantage of it by taking in the sights along the way.  We were so glad that they were able to take time from their trip to stop by my Mom's house to visit.

What a great night!  We hadn't seen them in at least 2 years.  Sage wasn't even born yet when we had saw them on a visit to my brother in CA.  To say that these girls are adorable is a huge understatement.  Poor Frank.  He needs to stock up on stress meds, because the boys will be knocking down their doors!  The girls easily fell into girly play with my Ellie and cousin Anika. Josh and cousin Trev were content to play soccer outside, but did feel a bit left out.  But hey, girls will be girls...can't beat 'em, join 'em!  The girls were really inspired to put on a "show" which consisted of them starting out a bit embarrassed from the attention of the adults and turned into an all-out scream fest of dance moves and party time!

We did get all our little crazies to the park for a while which was a relief to Daria and Frank who had been dealing with 3 girls stuck in a van for hours.  We had a great time just watching the kids, chatting about movies, their new house, life changes and eating pizza.  Even though we were totally out numbered by the kids (don't tell them!), we were still able to catch up as if no time had passed.  My only regret is that I didn't take any pictures!  I'm hoping the word will get passed on to Frank who was clicking away to send us some of the good ones!  Hopefully then I can post some pictures.  Until then, check out my cousin's blog (Daria's sister) for some pics of their family (scroll down the sidebar).


Kyra Vision Blog said...

Daria and Family had such a good time. Dar said she ate a whole pizza herself...(not really shocking) pizza in CA is AWFUL!

Neesa and Joelle LOVED playing dress up with Ellie and Anika. Looks like the girls met their match on the girlieness scale...if only we lived closer they could play together and leave us alone..maybe Frank will get stationed there next?

emilymcd said...

Oh man... I love family fun time. That is so great!

Sittintall said...

So glad you had fun with the fam. I'm sure you were glad they stopped by after not seeing them for close to 2 years! Good times, good times.