Friday, May 02, 2008

Never leave the goods on the table

Today at lunch I wanted Ellie to help by bringing some plates to the kitchen. She's normally very helpful, but today was feeling less than motivated...she just wanted a few more pretzels. In my infinite wisdom, I told her I would "pay" her three pretzels if she brought the plates to the kitchen. I laid three pretzels on the table and began to put away the rest of lunch. I turned my back and she had taken the pretzels, giggling and eating. With threats of "taking back" the eaten pretzels, a few tickles later, the hiccups came and she eventually did her job.

Upon reflection I saw that I broke the cardinal rule of any business transaction.

Work later.


emilymcd said...

Ah yes... but what fun is motherhood if we ALWAYS follow the rules?

Dave and Jenni said...

Bribery with happens often here. But mostly in an attempt to get Ruthie to finish her lunch.