Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I have no pictures to celebrate this year's Mom's Day...all the more reason to blog!

I recieved the first of many handmade gifts from Josh. It was a lovely tissue flower in a hand-folded "pot." He made this adorable card that unfolds and reads "My love for you, grows, and grows and grows!" He made me a very cute pin that claims to be a sunflower, made of painted beans. I wore it proudly to work today. A few questions, but all smiles when I named it's creator. No orders taken, but still, smiles. Josh also told me on the way to church that he wanted to be a teacher. *sigh* The best mom's day gift ever, even if it never comes to fruition. He said it. And I'll take it!

The Hubs hit a homerun this year by generously giving me a spa gift card. Even more good friend also got one to the same spa, so now we can go together. Hmmm...pedicure....manicure...massage...the choices!

Ellie in her own bubbly way throughout the day would hug-tackle me with a sing-songy voice, "Happy MOTHERS Day!"  I love that she still likes to cuddle.  *sigh*

Owen.  My dear Owen.  This child is such a joy.  Although no words on Mother's Day this year (not sure yet if the "" is about me or food!), his looks and smirks are enough to melt this momma's heart.  

(Summer come soon!  I can't get enough of these kiddos!)

It was a busy weekend, but I think my favorite part was waking them up over the weekend. Their morning vision found me...and then they smiled.  *big sigh* 

Happy Mom's Day to all.  


Short Stop said...

Happy Mother's Day, K!

Just having and loving these babes is the best part of the day...I'm SO with you on that.

Enjoy that gift card! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a great day! I got a mani/pedi too - what a nice gift with sandal season coming ;)

Loving these kids is the best part, ain't it?

Happy late mom's day!

Dave and Jenni said...

Boy, the Hubs in general must all know we need some pampering because I got a gift card for a massage. :) Glad you had such a good weekend!