Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

These are the dear people we have spent most of our time with in the last two weeks. We vacationed and then finalized our planning for the big 40th annversary party for my husband's parents. (they're the cute couple in the middle with a lapful of grandkids!)

Still fresh in my mind today is the joyous party we had on Saturday. Extensive planning aside, it was an occasion that was one of the best events of our summer. We held the party at our church's new ministry center. There is a large fireside room that held our guests very well. The guys grilled up some super tasty chicken and steak kabobs, while we set out the potato-green bean salad (fresh from my SIL's garden) and the strawberry spinach salad. The meal was topped off by amazing desserts made my hero in the kitchen, my dear friend Ann. In between all the delightful food stuffs, we saw many of my in-law's friends chatting it up, and reminiscing over cards on the tables which told of the top ten movies, songs, events and costs of living in the year 1968.

The evening got a bit raukus when we played the game, "How well do you know them?" After realizing that some tables were beefing up their scores a bit, we judged this fun event a success for all, and headed for desserts.

My dearest Hubs created an amazing masterpiece of photos set to some of his parents' favorite songs. Tears were shed, laughter at past hair-do's and glasses, and sighs of memories gone by were seen and hear throughout the room. It was an extremely meaningful event for all who attended, and I was so glad just to be a part of it.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


andrea said...

That's so exciting! Wish them the best for me! :)

Sittintall said...

Wow, your beating me to all the posts I was going to do! JK. Guess that's what you get for spending two weeks together (all the same stuff to write about). Oh well, I'll just be like a little echo when I write mine (hopefully I can add a different twist on things).

Short Stop said...

What an awesome family photo. You all look GREAT!

I can only imagine how happy C's parents were to have all of you together!

Beth said...

How wonderful that everyone has such memories of 40 years together! I hope we get to see that day!

Dave and Jenni said...

Sounds like a great party! The family pic is wonderful. My parents are celebrating 40 years this year too - it's exciting to imagine a lifetime of marriage like that and where Dave and I will be in 33 more years! Congrats to your in-laws!