Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oxi.clean to the Rescue...again

My dear daughter tried out her drawing skills on our dining room table.

In pen.

I was waffling between chalking this up to another "cute" story to tell when guests would come over and goog.ling "how to remove pen from faux leather" (yep, we go super fancy-like here, nothing but the best), when I thought...


Could it do it?

After just a few moments of working on that stain, the blue masterpiece came off the tabletop. Amazing. I've found my go-to stain remover. I'm sure these kiddos will give me plenty of opportunities to put it to the test.

ps. I love these stories, because someday I'll look back and say, "And where was I when this was going on?" Today, the answer was...on the phone, just about five steps away. Banner parenting happening here, ladies. Don't sign me up for Mother of the Year just yet. *wink*

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Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - "banner parenting..." I might have to keep that stuff on hand for things like that! Even if I can't use it on our clothes, I could totally use it on our furniture! Thanks for the tip.