Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tooth Number Two, Where Are You?

Dear Tooth Fairy,

We are sincerely sorry for the misplacement of tooth number two for dear Josh.  Although the loss of this sweet little baby tooth was a momentous event at breakfast this morning, at this point the tooth is lost.  

After putting it into a small open container for safekeeping, we set it on the counter to be moved to the special spot on Josh's dresser later tonight.  Alas, in a cleaning fury by the Hubs' who, in his defense, was not present for the loss of the tooth and therefore did not know of the container's importance, rinsed out the small open container into the kitchen sink.  The discovery of this loss was a sad moment for us, but we assured Josh that you are a crafty fairy and capable of many things, including finding lost teeth in the kitchen sink.  

So, in closing, it is our hope that you will forgive the loss of this baby tooth and still leave the quarter for Josh that he is so eager to receive.  To keep this event from happening again, we are in discussion about a very specific "Tooth Container" that would be easily identified as holding the very important item that is a lost tooth. 

Again, our sincerest apologies.

The Parents

**to all my dear readers, I promise not to regale you with too many more lost tooth stories.  This one just seemed appropriate for the memory books as "The one that got away."**


emilymcd said...

Awwww... it could happen to anyone. Sorry, Josh!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - I love how you wrote this! Hope the tooth fairy delivered! (Did she leave the quarter on the kitchen counter?)