Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Love Oxi.Clean!

This adorable shirt is part of an even more adorable outfit.  It was a small portion of girls clothes donated to my SIL and me by the Hubs' generous aunt, Tami.  She has been the Clothes Fairy to us from the time when Josh was small.  Because they live in Ohio, we don't see her too often, but when we do...the garbage bags full of clothes handed down from her own boys and girls are enough to make me cry.  She has saved us thousands of dollars in pants, shirts, shoes, boots, jackets and all other clothing, each adorable to the last pair of socks.  

This shirt had a stain on the front and on the sleeve.  I saw the challenge, and hoped my dutiful laundry helper was there to bring it back.  Oxi.Clean to the rescue!  After just two treatments, the stain is barely noticeable.  Of course, now this outfit will be shared custody between Ellie and her cousin Kyra, because it will look adorable on both girls.  (Maybe we'll have it until the holidays and then make the switch...what do ya say, Sarah? *wink*) 

Now my only hope is that my own Stainmaker will keep this as cute as it was intended.  If not, Oxi.Clean will get called up for a second round!

Thanks again, Tami!


Sittintall said...

I bet you it doesn't fit Ellie right now, you might just have to give it back! JK. My girls were wearing their leotards all day yesterday! Love those clothes.

buckeyemama said...

Glad you liked the clothes. Sorry, but after a while, I get weary of fighting all the stains. Good for you and your persistence!! Boys clothes to come at Thanksgiving! Love you. T

Dave and Jenni said...

I wish we could use oxi-clean, but it gives Anna rashes. I have, however, also determined that Zout works pretty well too. Glad you could save the shirt!