Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I'm doing lately...

  • Explaining to Ellie why her hands are "hands" and not "paws."
  • Waiting at the bus stop for Josh...WAY too long.
  • Calling bus staff every night to gently persuade them to make adjustments to the long bus ride.
  • Making a LOT of lists. Mostly house related. Our house feels "heavy"...feeling the need to purge!
  • Hitting the Clari.tin hard. Allergies stink. Especially when I only really got them after I had kids. Interesting.
  • Trying to find a comfortable non-sleeveless shirt to wear to my non-air conditioned school. One of the boys in my class is autistic and one of his triggers is sleeveless shirts. *sigh*
  • Saying a prayer for peace for this boy's family...his twin brother is also autistic.
  • Saying a prayer of thanks that our children are healthy and well, ready to take on a new school year.
  • Getting into school mode by purchasing many snacks and easy lunch items for the kids at school and the sitter.
  • Actually "doing" my hair which is different from my summer look...ponytails 24/7.
  • Taking joy in little things, playing ball with Owen on my day off today, playing school with Ellie, enjoying a quick and quiet trip to the grocery store (even with two kids!), hearing that "Mrs. W is really nice" from Josh (he actually sounded surprised), getting all green traffic lights when I'm rushing (again) to get somewhere, and tasting the last goodies of summer...tomatoes from the garden, ice cream, and cold chicken salad on fresh croissants.
  • Holding back tears. These last two weeks have been filled with a fair amount of emotions as many people know the beginning of the school year brings. I've had my share of Kleen.ex moments (thanks again Sarah for listening!), but as soon as the tears are shed, there is that voice of comfort from a friend or family member (many thanks to the Hubs), and the peace in my heart that I know comes from the Lord's hand in my daily roller coaster.
  • Missing blogging. I love this place where I can share what our little party is up to on a day to day basis. I'm hoping to keep up even though things are busy (and really, who isn't?).


emilymcd said...

Oh, Kris-

I've prayed for you this week and kept you in my thoughts.

Allergies stink. Big donkey muffins.

And so do transitions. You have a lot of new stuff heading your way, but I want you to picture yourself in "full swing" in just a few weeks. Last year your blog sounded this way for a while and then the storm settled. You'll see a rhythm once again.

I wish I wasn't in allergy-pregancy-weirdness-ville and lived just down the street so I could ease your burden.

Plus, our girls play well together. *wink*


andrea said...

You sound busy, but satiated with rich life experiences! Glad you found a moment to blog and hope the "newness" of the season changing becomes routine soon enough!

Buckeyemama said...

Kris, Glad you're back to blogging! I've missed hearing what's up with the fam. Enjoy all those little moments. I can't imagine how you do it with all the kids and work, too. You're amazing!

Sittintall said...

Keep on trucking girl. You can do it. And thank goodness for the weekend. Yeah! I hope you guys have a great 3 days off with some much needed relaxing time.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh have got a lot going on. School days just tug at every mom's heart...totally normal. Keep your eyes focused upward and recognize that He is indeed in EVERYDAY!

Hope those allergies improve soon - T and her daddy live on claritin as well...ugh!

Dave and Jenni said...

We're a Zyrtec family here, but I can totally relate.

Hope all is going more smoothly for you in these first few weeks!