Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary

My modem has been temperamental lately so I haven't been able to post as much as I would like. I can't believe how much it has bothered me not to be able to get online just to see what everyone is up to.

Although, it's probably good because, tomorrow, Josh and I start school. *sigh* I could blog a book about how oddly emotional I am about it (today I lost it just filling in his hot lunch choices for the semester..."what if he doesn't like it?? who will he tell?? what else will he eat??will he wash his hands??"). I was glad to run into this prayer recently and I think I might have to staple gun it to my forehead...backwards...so I can read it whenever I look in the mirror.

Anyway, I had an excellent anniversary night with my Hubs with furniture browsing (without worries of my kids wrecking the place) and a quiet meal with continued coherent conversation. (minus a few giggles from the margarita!) So, I want to pay tribute to my ever-loving man by giving you my top twelve (for twelve years of marriage) reasons why I love this man I married.

1. He has a good sense of humor. He has to, he married me. He laughs loud, which I love because it shows how much he doesn't care what others think...he's just having fun. He also has taught me the joys of pratfalls and I have taught him that farting really is funny.

2. His arms and his shoulders. I know I may be sharing a bit too much here, but I LOVE to be wrapped up in his arms and shoulders. mmmmm.

3. He is a GREAT dad. He comes home every night and hits the ground running. He plays, gives baths, and wrestles. They LOVE him. And I know why....he loves them, too, and it shows. When we first were married he confessed that he didn't know how he would do as a dad, but married me because he knew I'd be a good mom. Well, confessions time.....I KNEW he'd be a great dad, too.

4. He is a very reflective guy. He likes to reinvent himself every now and then. He is always trying to become a better person, even though I think he's doing a super job already.

5. He likes to try new things. He's brave and makes me step out of my comfort zone with him. I might be holding on for dear life, but I'm holding onto him, so I'm all good.

6. He's generous. Not with just money (mostly because we're our own charity case..hehe) but his time and his prayers and his thoughts.

7. He LOVES music. There aren't too many quiet moments in our house because there is always some music playing someplace. Sometimes in several places. He is a great dancer and I think that is one of the first things I loved about him.

8. He has a great sense of design. He has to..it's his job...but he is REALLY good at it...and our house looks better because of it.

9. He writes really well. His cards for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are ones that are thoughtful and meaningful. Maybe that's why I can never throw any of them away.

10. He is gentle. For a big guy, he is gentle with our kids, and with me. I think I will never forget the mental picture of him holding our small little babies for the first time. They were so small in his strong arms. And I knew that he was holding them as if they would break, with a gentle cuddle that put them ALL instantly to sleep.

11. He loves movies. Not necessarily the same ones I do, but he loves them for their soundtracks, the way the camera moves and the drama of a great story.

12. He's made me a better person. I laugh, cry, mother, create, write, cook, care, organize, plan, purchase and most of all love better because I have known him the way God intended us when he placed us together.

I could write a ton on each one of these but school starts tomorrow and I need sleep something fierce. So to my loving husband.....

I love you always,


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emilymcd said...

Awwww... isn't it nice to know that after 12 years you're still in love with you spouse?

I love it.

And... I didn't know C was so into music. That's really interesting.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is so sweet. What a great idea. I loved it. It's great to have a husband that "hits the ground running" when he walks in and doesn't go bury himself in a paper. I am spoiled with that too.

Welcome back - you have been missed.

Glad you two got a nice dinner out. I am sure it was fabulous.

trevsmom said...

Where oh where is Kris? I miss your udpates! :-)