Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Ok, here's one for anyone who still gets magazines. I still get a couple good ones and like to reference the articles later, but found keeping the whole magazine was too much. So, I read somewhere that you should rip out the articles that you would like to save and then file them. I did this and it has been great. I created a few hanging file folders with subjects like: Parties, Shopping, Food, and Parenting. Whenever I'm done with my magazine I go through and rip out only the articles I would like to keep and file them in the filing cabinet under the coordinating subject. It has been very helpful while planning different birthday parties, finding a good gift idea, or referencing potty training tips. Hope you found this helpful!
Check out a ton of great ideas here!


emilymcd said...

Great idea! Me likey!

Sittintall said...

That really is a great idea. I have so many magazines I kept with ideas I thought I'd use, and I don't even know which magazine had which idea?!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love it! I do the same thing, but in manilla folders. I think the hanging folders would be a lot smarter. Think I'll transfer all the articles!

Do you get REal Simple and Family Fun? They are my favs!

Short Stop said...

TERRIFIC IDEA! Boy, do I need to get through some of my magazines...they're taking over!

I have a binder that I labeled "Dream House" contains all of my favorite things for my dream house...if we ever get to build it. :)

Kris said...

Mary, I do get Real Simple...I LOVE IT! It is one of my all time favorites!
Sarah, I love your idea about a "dream house" folder!