Monday, August 13, 2007


IT WAS A SUCCESS! As far as I can tell the pool party was a success! For those who were there, I've sent pictures, but for my bloggy friends, here are a few shots and a bit of details about the day.

This picture is my dearest daughter at 8:15 in the AM filling up one of the four pools we had blown up for the day of fun. She and Josh were SOOO excited that by 8:45 AM they were in their suits and in the pools already. It was so neat to see them so excited, but it made it a bit difficult for me to keep getting ready, because I didn't want to leave them unattended while I ran around a bit more. Thankfully, the Hubs was so helpful the night before, so there wasn't much to get ready in the morning. (love ya, dear!) Of course, by 9:15 am, Ellie is standing at the back door yelling, "I DONE!" ("Oh, no, dear, we have hours of water-splashing fun ahead, so pace yourself!") Soon our friends and family began to arrive and our first super-fun activity began...TYE DYE! Yes, we threw back to our junior high days and tye-dyed some pint-sized shirts for our little ones. (ps. thanks to all the moms who took the brunt of this "kids' craft")

The slip-n-slide was a ton of fun and thanks to the slight slant of our backyard, most kids who dared to try it, were able to actually slide! Kids had a great time throwing water balloons, too. We started with a "game" where they had to toss it to someone, take a step back and then toss again. This proved a bit challenging to our preschool set, so soon we were just hucking them at eachother. Some liked that, some did not! The food was great, thanks to everyone pitching in something yummy for the table. Our "submarine" sandwiches filled their little tummies along with chips, watermelon and veggies. All in all, it was a great day and I think this shot of our sunkissed and tye-dyed little ones tells was a day to remember!


Sittintall said...

So glad we could come and share the fun. It is great to look back at the pictures and see the smiles on their faces!

Momma Roar said...

Looks like a lot of fun - I love the shirts!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Looks like such fun! Those shirts are awesome - I might steal that idea for my older daughter's 5th bday this fall!

Short Stop said...

What a great party! I can tell you really worked to make it special for her! Love the pics!