Friday, August 31, 2007

Owen Update: 4 1/2 months old

Ok, I missed the 4 month mark, but I'm catching up...

Owen is rolling over...everywhere! He is never exactly where you put him anymore if you lay him on the floor. This is a fun, but scary development! Now I need to be more mindful of what is in a three foot radius around him. It's amazing how quickly this has happened! He loves his brother and sister and always lights up when they call his name or get in his face. The new part of this is now he grabs for them, or at least whatever part of them is in striking range. So far, no major damage, just a few desperate cries..."Mom! Owen has my ear!"

He continues to sleep through the night and we are even getting a bit more time in the evenings with the other two in bed before 8p and Owen soon after by 8:30p. Life is good when you can hold a conversation with your spouse without falling asleep.

Owen is a fabulous eater. He is very willing to go between nursing and the bottle, which has helped as now he is with a sitter or family member 2 1/2 days a week. He chugs 8 oz. of formula twice a day, belches a good one and is all smiles until nap time. He doesn't seem to be too temperature-sensitive, so bottle making isn't a stressful thing either. I still treasure our times of nursing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Right now that is such a blessing as school has started and I see less of him during the week.

He's growing out of his clothes like crazy and I'm am again so blessed to have the benefit of hand-me-downs from the Hub's aunt and Josh's stuff.

I am constantly fighting the battle of wishing these days away and then wanting them never to leave. Owen is a precious gift and God is generous in giving Owen a sweet, easy-going and lovable personality. I can't wait to see him grow even more!

Here's a couple pictures of our growing boy. The first is him goin' all Steve Irwin on his crocodile, and the second is his other new favorite thing....finding his toes.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love when babies eat their toes! That is one of my favorite baby!

I love the 4 month mark...some things start to ease up. He sounds like a real sweetie pie.

emilymcd said...

Oh, Owen- We love you so much. What a munchkin.

Short Stop said...

Ohhhhh...seeing this little guy makes me excited for that age all over again! :)

BTW, I got your note in the mail! Thanks!! :)

Sittintall said...

Sure glad you've got an easy going one on your hands. Hope school is going well. And a tad bit jealous you have everyone in bed before 8:30! We've got to start creeping ours into bed earlier! Tonight was the earliest all weekend at 9pm.