Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Get up 6 am. Convince self it's a good idea to get out of bed early to get the morning started.
Shower, get dressed, check self in mirror...eeeck. Knowing by 9 am I will be sweating in our non-AC school building, decide it's just not worth it...pony tail wins.
Go downstairs where smiling children are getting juice and breakfast from oh-so-amazing Hubs so Mom could get ready.
Nurse smallest family member...take a quiet moment to thank God for blessings of time and a schedule that seems to be working for all involved.
Realize that it is TIME TO GO!
Race upstairs...brush everyone's downstairs...(exercise for the day)...grab all that's needed for 4 different people going in 3 different places.
In the van...have interesting conversation about how doctors take a picture of babies in mommy's tummies (not mine...) which quickly changes as next question is regarding Mr. M.(the new sound in kindergarten class this week)
Drop off 2 children at the sitter's house. Give rundown of how they are doing this morning and when I'll be back to pick them up. Hugs. Kisses. Silent tears. Out the door.
Off to drop off last child at kindergarten.
Get to school, where I drop my firstborn off in a VERY quiet classroom with a VERY old 8th grade teacher who insists they work QUIETLY at a desk. Convince my 5 year old that this is fine and he only has about 10 minutes with the "happy" man.
Leave. Silent tears.
Back in to my school.
( there is entirely way to much to say about all that I accomplished in my half day of work, so I'll just sum it my a** off so I can leave as soon as my time is up)
Get back in van. Get 2 children from sitter. Hear great stories and see terrific art work that my 3 year old has done while I was away...say silent prayer of thanks for finding amazing sitter.
Pack up van with children and paraphernalia and we're home...for 45 minutes.
Back in van for smallest one's 4 month doctors appointment.
Entertain until appointment time. Smallest one falls asleep exactly 30 seconds before they call our name.
Disrobe sleeping baby to get weight check, etc. He smiles...short grateful prayer for easygoing baby.
Smell something. something stinky. Think about how 3 year old is wearing undies. Ignore the obvious until I get the chance to deal with it.
Finish appoitment.
Nurse smallest family member...checking time to see if I can make it to pick up kindergartner on time... small prayer for working vehicles...think about painting my van yellow and black, taxi style...entertain 3 year old with I spy game, 3 clues game and how many times I can ask her if she has pooped in her undies....change 3 year old undies.
Back in van...head to school for 5 year old. Watch other moms reading books as they wait for their children...think about how I can't wait for book club again...see 5 year old coming out of school. Smile.
Back in van.
Heading home. All are collected, all are together. 2 of 3 are crying, but I don't care. We've made it so far...home is just around the corner...Hubs will be home soon...the weekend is coming. And we are getting the hang of this school year... Small prayer for His blessings on everything we do.


emilymcd said...

Oh my. Kris- You are a working mom GODDESS. It's craziness. Oh, the love of a mother.

Girlfriend, give yourself a nice glass of wine and watch some fluffy show tonight. You need it.

Short Stop said...

LOL! This was a perfect peek into your day! Oh, the craziness of motherhood. I'd mention my favorite parts...but there were too many in this post!! :)

Sittintall said...

My goodness, Kris. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry for you. What an incredibly busy day. I'm sure with time though things will go smoother and you'll be one of those mother's reading in the car. You are doing an amazing job. Keep up the great work.

The Bakers said...

I am tired just reading it. I don't know how you do it so well.

Momma Roar said...

I love that even during stressful times, you are able to keep a wonderful sense of humor! You are an amazing woman!! said...

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